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Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment with Jorge Pardo, Charlotte immigration attorney, or for questions, call (704) 644-7065 today. Appointments may be scheduled by calling our immigration law firm during normal business hours. We do not accept “walk-ins” because doing so would prevent the immigration lawyer from providing our clients with personalized and undivided attention. As a result, we work by appointment only. If you are a new client, please complete the new client questionnaire and bring it to your initial consultation or email it our Charlotte immigration office.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please call our office at (704) 644-7065 to cancel any appointment at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Canceling your appointment with a reasonable notice allows us to offer this appointment to someone else who may need to be seen right away. We do not overbook to compensate for “no show” appointments. We can keep an optimal schedule only if you keep or cancel appointments as requested. This allows for a time efficient encounter for both the client and the attorney.

Initial Consultation

Pardo Law Firm, a leading Charlotte NC immigration law firm, assists Charlotte area immigrants with all type of immigration issues. If you are facing immigration issues that may require legal assistance, we highly recommend that you invest in an initial consultation with an immigration attorney. The purpose of an initial consultation is to give you the opportunity to have an immigration attorney to thoroughly review your particular situation to determine the available and best courses of action. The initial consultation will also help us determine as well as to provide you with an honest assessment of the likelihood of success of your case before you retain our firm. You will also be provided with a quote of the total legal fee for the firm to handle your case.

While anyone can fill out an immigration form, doing so when you don’t qualify for the immigration benefit or when something in your records makes you ineligible to receive it, it may result in not only the denial of your application but, in some cases, in your deportation from the U.S.

Each case is unique and a careful evaluation of your particular matter by a qualified immigration lawyer is essential. We will request certain documents and information prior to the consultation. Please compile and bring with you all available documentation regarding your case.

No attorney-client relationship is formed by virtue of an initial consultation. Such a relationship is formed only upon your retaining this firm to handle a particular matter after signing a Retainer agreement.

Scope of Representation for Immigration Consultation

A. CONFIDENTIALITY: All information obtained during the immigration consultation will remain confidential. Please note that attorney-client communication is protected by the confidentiality rule except if the client informs Pardo Law Firm that he plans on committing a future crime.

B. MUTUAL TRUST: In order to properly represent our clients, it is necessary to have complete honesty. If Pardo Law Firm suspects that a client is not telling the truth or is seeking to procure an immigration benefit by fraud (e.g., marrying a U.S. citizen for a green card), then it reserves the right to withdraw its representation.

C. RETAINER AGREEMENT: Pardo Law Firm will represent a client only after signing a retainer agreement upon completion of an immigration consultation.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with attorney Pardo, either in person or by phone, please contact us by calling (704) 644-7065 or by filling out our contact form.

Phone Consultation and Skype Consultation

If you are not located in Charlotte NC and can’t make it to our immigration law office, we give you the option to have a phone consultation with the immigration Attorney.

To make an appointment to discuss your matter with our offices please call (704) 644-7065 during office hours. You may also call at a later time and leave a message with the best time to reach you so we can schedule an appointment.

A member of our staff will schedule an appointment for you to consult with immigration Attorney Pardo by telephone and we will call you at the agreed upon time.

If you are scheduled to have telephone consultation with the attorney, we recommend that you fax or email all relevant documents in your case to our offices at least one (1) day prior to your appointment. This will allow the attorney to review your documents before speaking with you and help save you time and money while giving us the most complete picture of your legal matters.

You may fax the documents to (704) 644-7126 or email them to

Consultation Fees

There is an $80 consultation fee for all consultations.

The consultation fee includes meeting with the attorney for up to 45 minutes. In most cases, the attorney can analyze your legal options and determine what relief is available within that time.

Payment Options

Pardo Law Firm, PLLC accepts legal fee payments by personal check, money order or major credit card. For telephone consultations, payment may be made by credit card at the time of scheduling or, if paying by check or money order, received by Pardo Law Firm prior to the time of the consultation.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. If you need to schedule a consultation or to hire the attorney for your immigration case, call our Charlotte immigration law office at (704) 644-7065.

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